Gulls and Driftwood

When I was teaching wellness exercise classes, I always included a weekly relaxation session.  A class favorite was when we'd slowly inhale, exhale, clear our minds and mentally jump into a picture.   My Gulls and Driftwood nature print offers a moment to rest on driftwood, body light, mind free, spirit joyful.  Tap on print to enlarge. 

Gulls and Driftwood


 The foliage I choose for my prints is gently brushed with premium quality professional grade ink and transposed directly onto white board.  When a poem is included the inked ferns, leaves, twigs, etc. are pressed onto white high gloss photo paper which is secured to sturdy white board.  Finished designs are then matted  and framed.  As much as possible I wash the ink from foliage I'm only going to use once and return those pieces back to nature.  I keep twigs and loose bits of driftwood to reuse and have a favorite pine cone that I dip in gold ink when I want to recreate grains of sand.  On some prints I use decorative stamps to enhance the setting.

Trail at Dusk


One of my favorites. 

Cat in the Night Woods


In the Grass By the Sea

                 IN THE GRASS BY THE SEA

Tall swaying pampas brushes sunbaked skin. A trail of wild daisies sweeps the soul in.

Warm golden sand sifts between toes. Cool salty spray cakes on the nose.  

Seagulls bob, eagles soar. Driftwood, seashells, ocean roar.  

In the earthy aroma a time to just be.The spirit awakening in the grass by the sea.     

                                                                    Fun decor for child's room

Owl in the Pine

Dog in the Leaves